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Crimping die set JMS-01

Products description:

  • Size:0.08-6mm²(9-30AWG)
  • Weight:5KG
  • Model:JMS-01

    Products description:

    Flexible moulding JMS-01

    Also named flexible moulding, die and punch, crimp tool dies

    The applicator has been widely applied in small automobile and home appliance wire harness for its simple-firm structure.

    C.H/I.H height adjustment accuracy reaches up to 0.05mm,and height adjustment range is 0.45/0.7mm.

    Also fits for fully automatic crimping machine by changing some spare parts.

    Terminal belt typeSide feed
    Shut Height:119.7mm
    Terminal Pitch:32mm
    Thickness of terminal beltMAX.1.2mm
    Cross Section:0.08-6mm²(9-30AWG)
    Adjusting accuracy0.05mm
    Feeding System:mechanical

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