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Pneumatic crimping tool AM6-6

Products description:

  • Size:260mm*120mm*140mm
  • Weight:5kg
  • Model:AM6-6

    Products description:

    Pneumatic crimping tool AM6-6

    Also named pex crimping tool, wire crimping tool, wire crimper tool


    Adopts dual-action normal cylinder, which realize stable crimping force and speed.

    The best choice for crimping tubular insulated Terminals.

    Since the hexagon can be adjusted flexible.

    After crimping, the terminals look beautiful in Hexagon without any flash edge.


    one foot air valve, two air pipes.


    Model: AM-6-6
    Range of Application: 0.08-6mm²
    Output force: 13.5KN
    Applicable air pressure: 0.4-1Mpa
    Dimension: 260mm*120mm*140mm
    Weight: 5kg


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