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Fully automatic terminal press machine ACM-212

Products description:

  • Size:15000px*30000px*32500px
  • Weight:380kg
  • Model:ACM-212

    Products description:

     Also named terminal press machine-automatic terminal press machine-fully automatic terminal press machine

    Some people call it as wire press machine-automatic press machine-fully automatic wire press machine

    Mechanical properties:

    With three auto devices

    a.Auto wire feeding & fixed-length cutting device

    b.Auto wire splitting & stripping device

    c.Auto terminal crimping device

    The whole process including feed wire, cut fixed-length, split & strip wire, crimp double (single) end terminals can be completed by the three devices in a high-speed way.

    Speed reaches up to 18k terminals/hour.



    Brand new design makes the production process without labor.

    PLC and HMI control system ensures high-stable, meanwhile makes operation easier.

    Convenient to change wire (no need to change any spare parts)

    Sevro control offering high-precise control of the crimping pressure

    Cutting length: 60mm-9.9m
    Stripping length: 1mm-5mm
    Cutting Tolerance: ±(0.2+0.002*L)mm
    Wire Range: AWG28~AWG22
    Wire material: PVC,PE
    Power: AC220V+/-10%,50/60HZ
    Crimping force: 1.5T
    Air source: 0.5Mpa
    Testing device: wire exists or not , terminal exists or not, crimping good or not.
    Productivity: 0
    Dimensions: 15000px*30000px*32500px
    Weight: 380kg
    Delivery Information:
    Package: Plywood
    Dimension: 16250px*32000px*145Ocm
    24in*25in*18in (6.25 cu ft)
    Net Weight: 380kg
    Gross Weight: 430kg
    Port of Loading: China
    Production Cycle: 7 working days
    Transport time: 15 days to USA by sea


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