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Fully automatic terminal crimping machine ACM-202

Products description:

  • Size:870mm*1300mm*1450mm
  • Weight:500kg
  • Model:ACM-202

    Products description:

    Also named fully automatic terminal crimping machine- automatic crimping machine-fully automatic crimping machine

    Some people called it as wire harness machine - automotive wiring connectors machine.


    Function: Both ends crimper

    Cut wires, one-end stripping, two-end stripping, single-end pressure, two-end pressure,

    It could automotive wiring connectors.

    Mechanical properties:

    Adopts Japanese THK linearity rail move with Sumitomo servo planetary speed reducer and ensure high-precision and long-life.

    Adopts Japanese SMC pneumatic parts to ensure high reliability, touching interactive graphical operation, visual and concise

    Adopts Japanese Yokogawa high-performance programmable control technology and Server variable frequency control ensure high-stability and reliability, low-noise.

    Adopts frequency conversion control terminal pressure to ensure energy saving and low noise.

    Product Features:

    Suitable for wire harness for home appliances, automobiles and motorcycles

    Max productivity: 3000pcs/h (cutting length <300mm)

    Machine working video link:


    Cutting length: 40mm-9.9m
    Stripping length: 1mm-17mm
    Cutting Tolerance: ±(0.2+0.002*L)mm
    Wire Range: AWG32~AWG14
    Wire material: PVC,PE
    Power: AC220V+/-10%,50/60HZ
    Crimping force: 2.0T
    Air source: 0.5Mpa
    Testing device: wire exists or not , terminal exists or not, crimping good or not.
    Productivity: 55pcs/min L=300mm
    Dimensions: 870mm*1300mm*1450mm
    Weight: 500kg
    Delivery Information:
    Package: Plywood
    Dimension: 22500px*36250px*40000px
    25.6in*23.6in*21.3in (7.45 cu ft)
    Net Weight: 500kg
    Gross Weight: 580kg
    Port of Loading: China
    Production Cycle: 7 working days
    Transport time:  15 days to USA by sea


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